Toronto Russian Newspaper Nasha Canada


– the Toronto-based community newspaper aiming at over 300,000 Russian speaking immigrants in GTA.

Immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine, Israel etc. despite their national diversity all have a common cultural background and are capable of communicating in the Russian language. This ethnic and cultural group is now one of the fastest growing communities in GTA.
Established in May 2001, NASHA CANADA developed into the most respectful and popular publication in the Russian-speaking community. It’s the first and only professional Russian newspaper in Canada.
We see as our mission in informing, educating and entertaining.
We communicate not only content – we communicate culture, tradition and attitude. We don’t just tell the story – we express our opinion on it. And we always do it with a great deal of humor. That’s our “trademark”.
NASHA CANADA works in cooperation with very famous and talented authors and journalists all around the world – Russia, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Germany – countries that have become new homelands for more than 10 million Russian-speaking immigrants. Our contributing authors take pride in their works being published in NASHA CANADA.We offer professional and accurate translation services from English to Russian for all your advertising and marketing materials. In our translation portfolio are publications for Schulich School of Business, Ritz Carlton Hotel, etc.
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Ничего личного…

Как оказалось, чернокожий парень, которого придушил полицейский, отсидел 5 лет за ограбление. Видимо, в память о покойном, его почитатели теперь грабят магазины по всей стране.

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Роскосмос всё!

Сегодня хоронили Роскосмос. Порвали два батута.
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Парад победы

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Из наших архивов

Друзья, не забывайте заходить на наш сайт:
Nasha Canada Metro Toronto Russian Newspaper
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Бункер Путина

(Художник Юрий Журавель)
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Я, ты, он, она…

Я в говне
И ты в говне
Он в говне
Она в говне
Целая страна в говне
И дед на палочке в окне

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Если вместо защитной маски носить георгиевскую ленту – коронавирус будет протекать с чувством гордости за великую победу.

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